Chip-League of My Own

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League of My Own


Release Date: Mon, 11th Feb 2008

In 2007 aged 16, the North London UK Grime/Hip Hop (Grip Hop) released his third mixtape to League Of My Own. The mixtape was so successful that it was released in 2008.


Chip League of My Own Shoddy Crew Cookie Black The Ripper Tottenham Haringey North London Frisco Shalo Chipmunk


  1. PSP (Intro) (Produced By BlessBeats)
  2. Mr.Myagi (Ft.Hits) (Produced By DVA)
  3. IAm Chipmunk (Produced By Maniac)
  4. Starting Line Up (Ft. Shalo) (Produced By Danny Weed)
  5. Fire Alie
  6. Dont Be Greedy
  7. Light Up Central (Ft. Black The Ripper,Frisco) (Produced By Skeamz)
  8. These Streets (Produced By Bless Beats)
  9. VersitileStyle
  10. Show Love (Ft. Cookie) (Produced By L.O.K)
  11. 64 Bar Statement (Produced By Skeamz)
  12. League of My Own (Produced By Swindle)
  13. How I Stay (Produced By Maniac)
  14. If Only You Believed
  15. Who Are You (Produced By Skeamz)
  16. Consistant (Produced By Wiley)
  17. My Life (Produced By Swindle)
  18. Writing, Grinding (Ft. Black The Ripper, Cookie) (Produced By Bouncer)
  19. Tim Westwood Show (Bonus)
  20. Upgrade You (Bonus)


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