DVS-One In a Billion

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One In a Billion


Release Date: Fri, 11th Nov 2011

After years of waiting, DVS fans up and down the country will be pleased to know that the wait to hear some new music from the PDC rapper is now finally over. As he mentioned in a recent interview with The Wrap Up, the Brixton-raised storyteller has been busy cooking up some serious heat in the studio, as well as collaborating with the crme de la crme of the UK rap scene


DVS One In a Billion mtv wrap up pdc brixton Jaja Soze Naja Soze Political Peak Ard Adz Kerz Serious Sykes Looch Gwalla Troopz Youngs Teflon Krept Konan Benny Scars ghetts exo young spray Joe Black Squeeks Shystie English Frank Bilal Mucky T.Labelle GigiDaai


  1. Charlie Sloth Intro
  2. Life Of A Real G
  3. Crazy World (Feat. Jaja Soze, Naja Soze)
  4. Back Like We Never Left (Feat Ty Nizz, Q.B, Jaja Soze, Naja Soze Inch)
  5. A Mans Life (Feat GigiDaai)
  6. Go From Here (Feat T.Labelle)
  7. In Out(Feat Shystie, English Frank)
  8. Butters(Feat Youngs Teflon)
  9. Bumbles Interlude
  10. Light The Flame (Feat. Political Peak, Ard Adz, Kerz, Serious Sykes Looch, Gwalla Troopz, Jaja So
  11. Hometown
  12. Bout It(Feat.Young Spray)
  13. Born As A Boss (Feat.Krept and Konan)
  14. Dion(Feat.GigiDaai)
  15. Fast Change (Feat.Joe Black, Squeeks)
  16. Fly Straight(Feat.Ghetts)
  17. Goodbye(Feat.Muslim Bilal Mucky)
  18. Celebration(Feat.Benny Scars)
  19. Maybe(Feat. Exo)


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