Gamer-Apex Predator

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Apex Predator


Release Date: Sat, 25th Aug 2012

One of Samurai Sounds first signings, Gamer is an outstanding up and coming artist with a diverse sound.A songwriter, producer and vocalist hailing from South West london, he has been making music for about 10 years. His sound carries a strong positive message which bears association with todays youth, and having done collaborations with a variety of grime, dustep and hiphop artists, he has become a very versatile musician.


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  1. Apex predator
  2. Air
  3. Restriction free
  4. Hero
  5. Sun comes after rain
  6. Gamer Ft Blizzy Chomp - Unbreakable
  7. Kings crowned
  8. Cry for a stranger
  9. Lost
  10. Same song
  11. Contact deleted
  12. Your way


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