Giggs-Who Said That

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Who Said That


Release Date: Tue, 24th Mar 2009

SN1 entertainment presents an old school classic mixtape from Giggs and Tiny Boost. One of the very first and hard to find mixtapes on the net.


Who Said That boom productions sn1 giggs t.boost killa ki s.i gunna dee mullage b.o.b tiny boost blade dubz


  1. Intro (soca production)
  2. Who said dat (pablo production)
  3. T.boost and Gunna D - Freestyle
  4. Im on him tonight (boom_production)
  5. Step in da room (pablo production)
  6. Mullage ft Giggs Trickin Remix
  7. capo, killa_ki, giggs, billy, t.boost - freestyle
  8. Giggs - swaggad out (mr_virgo_production)
  9. Giggs - end of season 3 (mr_virgo_production)
  10. T.boost - guns out murder shit (boom_production)
  11. T.boost and y.butch, greaze mode (boom_production)
  12. Fel 345 and giggs - Take the fun outta rap (boom_production)
  13. b.o.b and giggs (grand_hustle) - Dont go there
  14. Giggs, j melo and t.boost - scars on my heart (boom_production)
  15. Giggs - whats all the gossip about (mr_virgo_production) (kyze skit)
  16. Shox and T.boost - Toastad up (s.l_production)
  17. Giggs and T.boost - suck your mums (boom_production)_(y.spend)
  18. T.boost - freestyle
  19. Buck and Giggs - block coaches (blakk_trax_production)
  20. Giggs and Blade - yeeeeeeeeeaaah (simple_production)
  21. Butch T.boost and nuttie - hard shit (s.l_production)
  22. Giggs and t.boost - dont push me (s.l_production)_(y.lap_skit)
  23. T.boost - if you aint gonna ride (s.l_production)
  24. Giggs - outro (s.l_production)


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