Ill Mill-Slim Face Baby Gangsta

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Slim Face Baby Gangsta

Ill Mill

Release Date: Tue, 11th Sep 2012

SMS/Vigorous productions General,ILL MILL has just released the long awaited Slim Face Baby Gangster Mixtape which is available for free download and see's the South London UK Rap veteran dropping nothing but real Gritty street music laced with Street intellegence


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  1. Intro
  2. Let It Go (Feat. Big SimzFee Fee)
  3. S.K Villain Skit
  4. What To Do (Feat. Fee FeeS.K Villain)
  5. Dreaming
  6. Gratitude (Feat. Bennett, Big SimzFee Fee)
  7. Trust Them Guys (Feat. GrizzTokes)
  8. S.A.S Skit
  9. Fresh Off The Plank (Feat. S.A.S)
  10. 10 Isn't Theirs (Feat. Big Simz, Fee Fee Joe Blow)
  11. 11 Can't Stop (Feat. Buttafly)
  12. From A Place (Feat. Colours Miyagi, Jah Yute Tokes)
  13. Rat Skit
  14. Murder (Feat. Big SimzFee Fee)
  15. Tell Me Why (Feat. Calvin Wilson, Menace,Venda)
  16. Getting Paid
  17. Bennett Skit
  18. See It In Your Eyes (Feat. BennettJah Yute)
  19. It Aint Over (Feat. Big Simz, Hardoe DavinciRob Lo)
  20. Life I Chose (Feat. Bennett, Fee Fee, GrizzJah Yute)
  21. Skit
  22. Living My Life
  23. Stinks Skit


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