J Spades-More Money More Pagans

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More Money More Pagans

J Spades

Release Date: Thu, 26th Apr 2012

The hottest underground rapper on road right now, drops his second mixtape entitled 'More Money More Pagans'. Hackney bound rapper has been killing the scene with a host of freestyles and videos and now its time he finally dropped one of the most anticipated tapes of the year! with features from DVS, Blade Brown, Mashtown, G Frsh and many more!


MMMP More Money More Pagans UK Rap UK Hip Hop J Spades Mashtown Hackney E8 E5 East London G Frsh Haze Pound Sterling Hypo Margs Asco Squeeks Cashtastic Blade Brown Tim Westwood Giggs


  1. Intro
  2. Ghetto
  3. Bricks (Ft Hypo G Frsh)
  4. Code Red (Ft Margs)
  5. Erryday
  6. White Stuff
  7. BabyFather
  8. Hustle Hard
  9. Police (Ft Tim Westwood Margs and Giggs)
  10. What It Is (Ft DVS)
  11. 1000 Grams (Ft Asco and Hypo)
  12. Hardest Out
  13. Amen
  14. Nightmares
  15. Paperchasers (Ft Blade Brown and Haze)
  16. A Million (Ft Squeeks and Cashtastic)
  17. Ganjaman


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