Mikill Pane-The Return Of Mister Pane EP

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by: Mikill Pane

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The Return Of Mister Pane EP

Mikill Pane

Release Date: Sat, 7th May 2011

Justin Smith Uzomba, UK rapper Mikill Pane is currently the talk of the town. The 26-year-old Londoner is very witty with words and has gained many fans because of that, just look at his Twitter timeline and you'll end up laughing out loud to yourself. He releases his mixtape "The Return Of Mister Pain Featuring vocals and production from Carvadeya and Danny fresh, The Return of Mister Pane comically is his first release.


Mikill Pane The Return Of Mister Pane EP Justin Smith Uzomba Carvadeya Danny fresh Hip Hop UK rap


  1. The Return Of Mister Pane
  2. I Got Money
  3. Blag It
  4. Fuck The Hip Hop


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