Scrufizzer-Fizzy Flow Mixtape

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Fizzy Flow Mixtape


Release Date: Fri, 20th Jul 2012

In comparison to other areas of London, the West hasn't exactly been the number one hot spot for talent. But if there was one MC out there at the moment who's on course to buck that trend, then look no further than Scru Face, a.k.a Scru Fizzer. The cutting-edge flows and lyricism multiplied Scru's fan base immnesly, and even saw him perform on stage along side some of the scene's best including D Double E, Ghetts, Flirta D and more, tearing down the crowd with his trademark "Shoi Shoi" bars. The mix tape's success also led to him being labelled "Grime at it's most versatile"


Fizzy Flow Mixtape Scrufizzer D Double E Ghetts Flirta D Scru Face


  1. Fizzy Intro
  2. Boom (ReFix)
  3. Back on my Ballshit
  4. Fizzy In Paris ( Refix )
  5. 5. Scrufizzer - What's Really Good ( HOODY)
  6. Start Nuttin ( ReFix)
  7. FizzyFlow ( Classic )
  8. 8. Scrufizzer - I Don't Wanna ( Fdot)
  9. 9. Scrufizzer - What's New ( ReFix )
  10. Get Away
  11. 11. Scrufizzer - Lost One's ( Cover )
  12. Be SomeOne (ReFix)
  13. The Recipe (Cover)
  14. Fear( Bonus)


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