Shadie Shades-Levels Above

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Levels Above

Shadie Shades

Release Date: Thu, 9th Aug 2012

Born Curtis Germaine Bryan, Shadie Is A British Artist Known In North London For His Involvement In The Music Industry As A Dj Formally In one of north Londons biggest crews called bunn demm kru. Shadie has worked with likes of chipmunk, marvell boys, black the ripper and many more artist from the uk music industry. Since going solo Shadie has now stepped up from the decks and become one of north londons mic controllers. In the industry.Since his 1st promo from The Decks To The Booth he has started to establish himself more as a artist with brining out a 2nd promo called I Sky Scrape


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  1. Headtop Talk
  2. 2. It's All Love Freestyle
  3. Space Flow
  4. Rack City Freestyle
  5. 5. Who's The Wife
  6. Throw It In The Bag
  7. Spazzing Out
  8. Lock Down The Game
  9. Badda Dan Dem
  10. John
  11. Headlines Freestyle
  12. Levels Above
  13. My Wave
  14. Only You Remix
  15. House Party


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