Sneakbo-Jetski Wave

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Jetski Wave


Release Date: Mon, 10th Jan 2011

South London rapper, Sneakbo has been around for a while with his collective Fresh Money Ent. Now Sneakbo has been killing the underground with his array of Youtube videos.This is his third mixtape after 'Peakbo' and 'Fresh Money' as a free download. Having been rapping for two years now Jetski Wave sees Sneakbo aiming to mature himself as an artist and develop a broader fan base."Jetski Wave", which features acts from his Fresh Money Collective and some other underground talent - Political Peak, JJ. It Also features the likes of PDC's very own Jaja Sose.


Sneakbo Jetski Wave Jaja Soze Political Peak JJ Fresh Money Ent Play Hard Records Yungen DD JJ


  1. I'm Wavey
  2. Yo Sexy
  3. Feeling His Wave Ft DD and JJ
  4. Thug Luv Ft DD
  5. Need Me Ft G.I. Doe and Chrissy
  6. I Like You
  7. Wave Like Us Ft Political Peak
  8. Touch Ah Button Ft Political Peak and JJ
  9. Romains Revenge Ft JJ and Political Peak
  10. Set Up Pt 0.5
  11. Hard In The Paint
  12. Fly Like AG6
  13. We Soon Blow Ft Political Peak and JJ
  14. Hello Good Morning Ft Yungen
  15. Jetski Wave Ft Political Peak and Serious Syikes
  16. Mind On My Money
  17. HomeTown
  18. God Watch Me
  19. Still Cant Change
  20. One Wish
  21. Stressed Out
  22. The Roads
  23. Get Down Or Lay Down Ft Jaja Soze


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