Our Partners

Mixtape Madness likes to employ an information sharing culture. Thus we try our best to partner with as many websites and blogs out there!

Urbanbod Media

An online relationship and performance management system for advertisers, publishers, brand managers and PR.

Kingsley Okyere

Digital Designer & Front-End Web Developer. Main creative partner for Mixtape Madness.

Urban Development

Urban Development is the one-stop organisation for London's new urban music talent.

Be Alpha

Created for the 21st Century Gentleman, who is stylish and curious, urban and adventurous, comfortable with himself and at home in the world.

Official Mixtape Awards

The Official Mixtape Awards is the first initiative to actively recognize, promote, and celebrate Mixtapes and its contributors.

DV8 Training

DV8 are a training provider based in Walthamstow and have been successfully delivering work based learning courses in the creative industries for over 10 years across London and the South-East.

Brothers With No Games

BWNG where four friends deconstruct, discuss and deliberate thoughts and topics formally kept in the confines of a London Living Room.

Kix Magazine

Kix Magazine is a music, fashion and lifestyle magazine.

LDN Slang

LDN Slang is a multi platform dictionary using video and social networking tools to define urban slang terms used in London.