Getting Acquainted: Smokey Roomz

Georgina June 26, 2012 0
Getting Acquainted: Smokey Roomz

Tell me a bit about your background and how you got into music.

I come from a very musical family and as far back as I can remember, I always had an interest in music and dreamt of being a rap artist and entertainer, and it just kinda happened.

Who would be a dream collaboration partner?

If he was still alive, obviously – Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder would be a massive feature. Alicia Keys would be a real good artist to work with.

You already collaborated with Lady Leshurr – how did that come about?

She was doing a lot in 2011 and we connected on Facebook and discovered that we liked each others style. She was making some good tracks so I asked her to jump on one of mine and she killed it.

What kind of reception did you get from Inna Killa?

Ridiculous! Everybody loves Inna Killa, from young to old and especially rappers ‘cos I flipped up the flow on everybody and showed them I can really rap. I get stopped all the time by people singing the hook to me and the video has got all the people in a bit of a frenzy.

Who do you think is really doing it for the UK scene at the moment?

Wretch 32 and Rita Ora.

If you had to pick someone to play you in a biopic of your life so far who would it be?

 Only I could do the part justice and maybe my nephew could be me when I was younger.

Where do you see yourself in three years time?

 I’m not sure but I imagine doing what I’m doing now but on a much bigger scale – I want to do it all and leave my legacy.

Have you got any singles, mixtapes or EPs coming out in the next few months that we need to know about?

Well, my label TMI Records and I just had a minor disagreement over my last EP that was released on this month. I stuck to my guns over that one and tried to give the people a taste of what’s to come. My mixtape is due for release on 30th July and we still need a name for it so we might run a competition to let the fans choose one. I’m on a few features on various projects like my TMI partner in crime Medlei, who is releasing his debut EP for free download on the same day as my mixtape goes on sale. Expect to see me at all the main carnivals and festivals throughout summer – and look out for Medlei, RID-1 and The Roomyz on stage giving the people a real show. There are loads of things in the pipeline so keep up to date by going to my official website.

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